Call For Papers

The Department of Computational Linguistics and Linguodidactics
(Minsk, Belarus)
Would like to invite scientists, lecturers and teachers of higher and secondary schools, post-graduates and students, specialists in the sphere of education to take part in the
IV International scientific and practical conference
«Linguistics, Linguodidactics, Linguocultural studies:
topical issues & research perspectives»
March 19-20, 2020

The main scope of the conference:

  1. Modern trends in linguistic research
  2. Traditions and innovations in teaching languages and cultures
  3. Language picture of the world and the interaction of cultures
  4. Literature studies, translation and text interpretation
  5. Topical issues of applied linguistics
By the beginning of the conference the conference proceedings will have been published; they will be represented in the BSU digital library (, and also in the Scientific digital library on the site, which means the indexation in the international RISC (Russian Index of Scientific Citation) base (
until January 15, 2020 – acceptance of materials and electronic registration
until January 31, 2020 - dispatch of the second information letter with requisites for payment
until February 15, 2020 - acceptance of the organizational fee
Conference participation requirements
To take part in the conference it is necessary to send an application form (the form is attached) and the report to the following address (with Conference-2020 note) not later than January 15, 2020. The application form and the report must be sent as one file. The name of the report is the last author’s name and the abbreviation of the education establishment, e.g. Ivanov_BSU.doc. 
All participants should also sign up on until January 15, 2020.
Financial terms
Participation in the conference involves making an organizational contribution.
The registration fee is 25 BYN for participants from the Republic of Belarus (10 BYN for master students), 1000 Russian rubles for participants from the Russian Federation, for participants from other countries – the amount equivalent to $ 15 at the rate established by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus at the time of payment.
Articles of Doctors of Sciences without co-authors are published for free.
Postal expenses for the collection transfer are paid additionally.
The conference working languages: Belarusian, Russian, English, German.